What do You Need to Know About Banksy Graffiti Artist Facts

What do You Need to Know About Banksy Graffiti Artist Facts - SharpWallArts

Banksy street graffiti artist continues to be an elusive England-based political graffiti artist, graffiti writer, and street artist active since the mid-1990s.

Banksy Famous Art controversial political graffiti and satirical street art combine street art with dark humor and stenciled images executed in a unique stenciling style.

Banksy graffiti street art Let them eat crack

Banksy's political commentary on contemporary world events frequently deals with culture and society in Britain. 

His work focuses heavily on current social issues and social commentary.

In particular, his artwork and performance pieces have concentrated on the recent political events in the UK.

It is these particular events that have earned him the reputation of a graffiti writer/street artist who's known for his street arts which are often political.

And his graffiti writings have often dealt with social issues such as crime, social housing, education, immigration, welfare, and social issues relating to youth culture and faith.

banksy graffiti street art canvas policeman

Although Banksy's famous works political opinion has not always had a negative connotation in some quarters of the artistic community, he's also regarded by many critics as a divisive figure, one who uses his street art to incite hostility against specific groups.

As a result, many critics view his art as an attempt at self-aggrandizement by an street graffiti artist who fails to give alternative perspectives or alternative points of view.

Critics have also expressed concern that Banksy's street graffiti art could be encouraging youth to take part in anti-social behavior or at least be more tolerant of the views of others.

Street Graffiti is an illegal activity in the UK and therefore the authorities can prosecute anyone found to be engaging in this criminal action.

However, in recent decades there has been a decline in the number of prosecutions for graffiti due to increased police powers and resources.

banksy graffiti street art canvas

It may be argued that the political commentary is only a way in which a person can express their own opinion on certain issues, whereas the political heritage of best Banksy's art is often more than just an expression of a personal opinion or point of view.

Street Graffiti is a public art form and one that has a long history dating back to Roman times.

Graffiti has been used for decades in public areas and is very popular amongst people for the same reasons as it was hundreds of years ago.

Graffiti is a form of communication and is also a visual medium. Graffiti art is viewed as a kind of public art and it's used to tell stories, communicate information, and to advertise and promote specific goods, companies, causes, beliefs, and goods.

Street Graffiti art can be a source of inspiration, a way of venting anger, grief, or a form of hope.

banksy graffiti street art There is always hope

There are lots of unique types of Graffiti and they are created from a wide variety of materials including painted paint, marker, ink, paint, and even cement and it is sometimes even mixed up with other kinds of graffiti to produce the distinctive graffiti look.

Although graffiti has existed for centuries, using graffiti as a form of expression is relatively new and was only begun in earnest in the 1980s when British graffiti artist Paul Staines created a revolutionary technique to produce an almost painterly quality to his graffiti.

This technique has been adopted by other British graffiti writers and shortly artists throughout the world were using stencils to create their distinctive graffiti art.


The technique employed by Banksy to create his famous graffiti art was first discovered by the police who detained the artist in 2005 for a piece he had spray-painted on the wall of the Bank of England.

Although the Banksy's famous work was covered up, it remained in circulation for several years until it had been discovered and it was then that the public started to take an interest.

When famous Banksy's title was added to the list of people being prosecuted under the UK graffiti legislation, he was arrested and charged with using public property regarding the work.

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