Is Banksy's Artwork The Best Wall Art For Your Home?

Is Banksy's Artwork The Best Wall Art For Your Home? - SharpWallArts

A Banksy art piece refers to art created by Banksy, a graffiti artist and political activist. His artwork is displayed on streets and walls in London and as canvas art and prints around the world. 

If you want to add street-art style to your home, Banksy canvas art is a great choice. 

Banksy Welcome to Hell Canvas Wall Art

Street art

Banksy is known for his street art, where he displays his artistic talent and political views. 

When you add this type of art to your home, it tells others that you don’t want to be associated with everyone else. It shows you want to raise attention to the issues and that you don’t follow trends. 

Banksy’s style

Banksy uses street art to show off his style and talent. He uses stencils to create multiple layers in his art. 

Banksy Keep Your Coins I Want Change Wall Art Canvas Print

Banksy started out as a graffiti artist, spray painting urban walls. Now, he has moved on to painting on canvas and selling his art for money. He sometimes creates sculptures and has tried his hand in film. 

Banksy originals

Banksy creates two versions of his images. These two originals are expensive, so getting your hands on one is difficult.

Banksy Grin Reaper Wall Art Canvas Print

Luckily, you can order a print of his work, which will be much more affordable. A Banksy canvas art piece will still provide a good talking point for guests in your home. 

Should you frame a Banksy canvas print?

If you want your canvas to look more authentic, you should not add a frame. Stretched canvas has a rougher style that some people prefer. Also, many people believe that frames interfere with the artist’s original work.

Banksy Umbrella Girl (NOLA) wall art canvas print

If you are looking to make your canvas look more finished and polished, you can add a frame. You want to make sure the frame doesn’t take anything away from the print. It should simply provide a border around the photo.

Where to find Banksy canvas wall art

You can find Banksy canvas wall art online at sharpwallarts. They have a wide selection of Banksy prints and posters to choose from.

Banksy Sale Ends Today Wall Art Canvas Print

You can also find Banksy-inspired canvas art on Etsy or eBay. You want to choose one that is high-quality, meaning it does not appear blurry and won’t rip or fade easily. 

Most popular Banksy art pieces

Banksy has created hundreds of art pieces. His most famous pieces include:

  1. Flying Balloon Girl
  2. No Kindness
  3. There Is Always Hope
  4. Life Is Short
  5. Monkey Parliament
  6. Super Mario
  7. What We Do in Life
  8. Pulp Fiction Star Wars
  9. Flower Thrower
  10. Colored Rain
Banksy Colored Rain Rainbow Wall Art Canvas Print


This is not a complete list of Banksy’s art pieces. You can check our full Banksy collection wall arts.

Adding a Banksy canvas print to your home adds a sense of street-art style to your home. It lets others know that you want to raise attention to the issues and that you stray away from the masses.

Adding a print or poster to your walls can add personalization to a blank wall. Banksy art displays thought-provoking street art scenes that make great conversation starters in your home. 

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