Canvas Size Chart


SIZE: 12"x8" (30x20 cm)
SIZE: 16"x12" (40x30 cm)
SIZE: 24"x16" (60x40 cm)
SIZE: 30"x20" (75x50 cm)
SIZE: 36"x24" (90x60 cm)
SIZE: 40"x30" (100x75 cm)
SIZE: 48"x32" (120x80 cm)
SIZE: 60"x40" (150x100 cm)

Please Note:

Please let us know if you need a specific size of the canvas or if you want the artwork in 3 or 5 panels.

Because of differences between monitor displays and canvas texture, colors may be slightly different than what you see on screen.

Preview images are approximated based on maximum print size & relative to surroundings.