Slick Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Canvas Art Wall

Slick Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Canvas Art Wall - SharpWallArts

Art is just priceless! It's not the piece that makes it so expensive and invaluable but also the time spent while creating it, the story behind it, and the skills incorporated in making the divine artwork. The thing is that a piece of art has a way of immortalizing time in its own dazzling way, especially when taken good care of.

But for a piece of art to make one marvel, it has to be well taken care of otherwise, it will just be another piece of canvas. Whether you are making investments in artworks, or you are in for the thrill that artworks have to offer, this article got you covered as it walks you through simple yet effective tips on how to take care of a canvas wall art.

Where to position your Art

Taking good care of your canvas art wall starts from the first day you own it. Naturally, you want to hang it on your favorite spot in your house, and most certainly, where everyone who comes in will sure catch a glimpse of it. While this may seem like a genius way to display your art, furthermore, it's a considerable investment; Why hide it? Trust us when we say it's not.

Hanging your art where there is a lot of traffic will see its value deteriorate so fast since everyone will want to touch it, maybe take a picture while holding it or feel what type of canvas it's made of. You will predispose your art to wear and tear due to the numerous amounts of time it's being handled by different people. So to be on the safer side, hang your piece of art away from human traffic if possible. If not, then hang it at a slightly elevated spot where it's not easily accessible.

Let it steer clear from sunlight

Although enough light is essential for art appreciation and perception, too much sunlight usually proves fatal to almost everything, this is not an exception when it comes to your art wall. When an artwork is exposed to sunlight, the UV rays interact with the paint's color molecules, making it fade or even become embrittlement.

So, to preserve your canvas wall art integrity, ensure that you hang it in an area that does not receive too much sunlight. Using artificial lighting is highly endorsed as it sure not to deteriorate your wall art.

Please keep it away from water or humidity

If you are to protect your painting, it's best you keep it away from water or best anywhere that humidity is bound to be present. This is so because mold, mildew, and even algae may grow on your art canvas or your frame in a high humid place, especially if it's made of wood.

Restoring or repairing your painting from such damage may prove difficult if not impossible, thus rendering your once prized piece of art unusable.

Securely attach your canvas wall art.

Use fixing materials that can securely hold or attach your piece of art to the wall. You can use nails and screws to hold small works of art on the walls securely. Consider hiring a pro-versed with hanging arts on walls for larger artworks, especially if you are not handy.

Regular cleaning

Just like everything else, a regular cleanup job goes a long way in maintaining a piece of art. Dust particles tend to collect on the surface Art especially when regular cleaning is not observed. This may, in turn, lead to the formation of dust layers that can trap moisture or other debris present in a room, which may further cause more irreversible damage to your canvas wall art.

NEVER use water or chemical reagents to clean your art but instead, use quality brushes with soft yet firm bristles for a more effective cleanup job. This also ensures that your wall art is free from scratches that may come about if you use brush bristles that are hard or rough.

How to store or transport your Artwork

Whether you are into an art collection or want to store your art for transportation, you must never place your art pieces on top of each other. Use a cardboard and place it in between the arts you want to store or transport, this comes in handy when dealing with large artworks.

Slick Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Canvas Art Wall Gallery

You can alternatively use a piece of clean rag or a cotton sheet to separate artworks meant for transit or storage, best suited for small works of art. Ensure that the material you use for separation is at least 2 inches longer than the art.

Incorporate quality frames

Use quality frames that do not break easily and those that you can mount your artwork on with ease without the risk of tearing the canvas. Remember that the type of frame you use on your art augments the appearance of your painting as well as protects it from external factors such as humidity and sunlight that may lead to its damage.

NOTE: On no account should you frame a canvas under a glass frame using a wooden frame; this will only escalate the deterioration process of your canvas wall art.

Regularly check on your Art

Purchasing and owning a piece of art is one thing but constantly checking on it is a whole different thing. Regularly checking on your painting not only helps you notice any damage that may have occurred on it but also helps you prevent any further damage from taking place.

Extra Tip: Fixing art damage is not a DIY project as you may end up causing more harm than good to it. Instead, hire a conservator, or return your artwork where you bought it and let the pros repair it for you.

Get Artistically inspired: think big!

There is no denying the aesthetic effects a piece of art can create in a room in an effortlessly yet striking way. Remember how much effort you put in when taking care of your home's canvas wall art will determine how much of an aesthetic effect it will be to your home décor. Therefore ensure that you regularly clean your artwork, minimize the exposure of sunlight that your Artwork gets and ascertain that you place your paintings in a room with little to no humidity.

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