3 Very Easy Rules For Hanging Artwork On A Wall

3 Very Easy Rules For Hanging Artwork On A Wall - SharpWallArts

It's a long time to breathe life and character into your cozy home with a lovely piece of wall art. Now, regardless of whether you like modern abstract art or maybe tend to lean towards enjoying more traditional art, there is always a correct way to place art on a wall. 

There seems to be that one question about wall art that lingers on some artist's minds, "Just how do I go about correctly placing art pieces on my wall?" Well, the answer is not all that complicated when you think about it. To start out, there is one simple guideline you should always follow when hanging art. This essential guideline goes like this:

To always display your artwork's direct center around 57 inches from the floor. This is a simple art tip that many art gallery experts use today, however, there are also several other helpful tips related to this 57-inch rule that will definitely make the task of hanging art much easier too. If you carefully follow these 3 very easy rules for hanging artwork on a wall, I am sure your home will look like a gorgeous art gallery in little to no time at all.


Remember, others should not have to stress themselves out to view a beautiful piece of artwork. Carefully placing the center of your artwork at eye level, will help in ensuring the art can be clearly seen comfortably. The first thing you will want to do is to measure 57 inches from the floor and quickly mark it on your wall. 

Proceed to find the actual focal point of the artwork by simply measuring its exact height and then dividing this by two. Next up, measure the top of your art to the tightened hanging wire the artwork will be hanging from. 

Subtract this number from the focal point number and follow up with taking the new number and measuring that exact distance above your 57-inch mark. This is the point where your hanger needs to be placed, so go ahead and quickly mark this area.


  Something good to know when placing artwork on your walls is, that hanging artwork right above mantles, furniture, or other bulky obstructions means that the eye levels rule doesn't always apply in these situations. The low bottom of your artwork frame needs to be anywhere from between six and eight inches right above the top of the feature. 

In situations like this, it is acceptable to go even higher than the 57-inch rule if you need to. Remember, artwork should always relate space-wise to the furniture you have, basically meaning a tiny work of art hanging around six inches above a big couch will not look quite right. A bigger work of art or even several works of art would look better. 


Try and manage each work of art in your collection as if it were one work of art instead. Anchoring several pieces of artwork around the 57-inch focal point will help your collection of art seem more balanced. 

A good rule to remember, the correct spacing between multiple pieces of artwork is around 3 to 6 inches. Overall, each and every scenario will be different, so ensure you really love the way your art is displayed at the end of the day.

Hopefully, these great tips will really help you in creating your own beautiful walls of art in the future. By following the modern rules of wall art, you cannot really go wrong on how to correctly place artwork on a wall.

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